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Kit Designer is a semi-custom build web-based product designer which can easily be integrated into any website. Kit Designer allows you to create and build your own range of clothing online for your clients to get a quote or to purchase.

Kit Designer Features


Add multiple categories & sub categories.


Provide your clients a variety of garments to choose from.

Fabrics & Materials

Add multiple fabric & material options on to the garments.

Multi Views

Show Multiple views of the items like front view and back view.

Unlimited Colors

Provide the option to choose from unlimited number of colors.

Fitting & Sizing

Multiple Sizing options for every order, like small, medium and large.

Embellishments & Pattern

Allow clients to add different patterns to add on a design.

Personalize Your Kit

Personalize your kit with your name and kit number.


Allow custom branding on multiple position on a garment.


Easy to use Content Management System to customize your Kit Designer as you wish.

Website Integration

Integrate Kit Designer to any website easily with just 2 lines of code.

Quote Form

Get user designed order wth contact information in Rich Html format.

Social Sharing

Let your clients share their designs on any social media platform.

Email To A Friend

Final designs can also be emailed to any one for their feedback.

Ongoing Support

24/7 Support will be provided.

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    Take a trip of our unique online showcase

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