Some of the highlighted features of our Kit Designer system.

Product Categories

Arrange your products in categories and sub categories. Add banner images for each category.

Product Designs

Add unlimited designs in PNG or SVG file formats. Each design can contain multiple customizable layers.

Multiple Product Options

Add custom options such as fabrics, printing types, matching gear, etc. for each product and set the price for each option.


Allow your customers to personalize their designs. Let them add their name, initials and kit number.

Upload Logos

Allow users to upload their own brand/club logos on multiple locations. Give them option to chose the printing type of their logos.


Kit Designer supports multiple product views. Show each design from front, back and side views for detailed user experience.

Colour Swatches

Add unlimited colors to choose from for each design layer. Add colors in Pantone, CMYK or RGB color codes for accuracy.

Sizing & Fittings

Allow customers to select different sizes and fittings for each design and let them order any number of products for each size.

Patterns & Embellishments

Allow users to add patterns and embellishments over your designs either from their own collection or your provided range.

Get a Quote Form

Get a quote along with customer’s custom designs, their details contacts info & shipping detail in Rich Html & PDF form.

Fully Customizable

Kit Designer is fully customizable and you can request new features & modules as per your requirements.

Social Sharing

Allow your customers to share their designs on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks or email to a friend.

Tailored to your needs

We design and customise each software according to the needs of each client, as this is a semi-custom-built system; throughout the project you will have full control in regards to how much you want to hold back or push the creativity, functionality & technology. Kit Designer can also be integrated into any website easily.

Easy to Use
Fully Customizable
Easy Integration